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29 May 2010

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19 May 2010

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29 April 2010

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Chun Lian 春联
26 April 2010

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Feel the wet
24 April 2010

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27 February 2010

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24 January 2010

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The embryo
24 August 2009

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On the road again...
29 July 2009

Recent Comments

daiyen on Tibetan women at Jampaling Elders' Home, India
I am glad that you like the picture, and had such a wonderful experience in McLeod Ganj. I was there for 1 month, in ...

Glenys Hargreave on Tibetan women at Jampaling Elders' Home, India
I too visited in November 2013 and wished I could have stayed longer. I would love to come back to visit and learn ...

Heather Black on Tibetan women at Jampaling Elders' Home, India
Your picture is beautiful . I visited Jampaling in November 2013, my heart is still there .Profound experience and I ...

Céline on Between
Nice aerial shot !

Sázky on Between
nice image,super shot,bravo

Katalog Stron on Between
nice image,exellent compo,bravo

katalog firm on Between
great shot,exellent colours and details

SJ on R.I.P.
It's called Jelly fish? Great pics

Julia on Between are travelling again...nice

B. Thomas on Between
I also love to shoot from a plane. Well done.

Tim on Between
being partial to clouds, i love this. nicely comp'd :)

MARIANA on Between
Wonderful image . Perfect !

flyingwind风飞扬 on Low tide on sunrise
Ha, so there is! I see what you were like then! Thanks, Dai!

flyingwind风飞扬 on Between
Exciting shot! Enjoyable not only travelling to somewhere but photography everywhere!

Marie-Jezaria on R.I.P.
It's like an alien hand !! Brrrrr ! Excellent and insolite capture ! Well seen !

Marie-Jezaria on Hanging
Awesome !!!!!! Great closeup, brilliant capture ! 5* Thank you for your kind presence and comments on my blog during my ...

carlos on Hanging
very nice image

Vahid on Hanging
Excellent 5/5

Patricia (✿◠‿◠)❤ on Hanging
Wow 5*

Barbara on Hanging
Humorous and fantastic capture.

Siepi on Hanging
Great photo! Composition is just right: colours, print fabric and the anonymous guest.

Fabienne on Hanging
Superb !

flyingwind风飞扬 on Hanging
That's a good idea to roll down the blinds, not only have a low light room but get such a mysterious capture!

k@ on Hanging
Just genius, love this delicacy !

Walini on Hanging
Nice shot !

Céline on Hanging
5 stars ! Amazing shot !

Eleftheria on Sunset... or sunrise?

Eleftheria on Hanging
I love it!

Marie LC on Sunset... or sunrise?
Thank to your visit. This sky is marvelous too, beautiful gold.

B. Thomas on Sunset... or sunrise?
I can tell the difference, because I'm almost never up for the sunrise. ;-) ZZZZZ

MARIANA on Sunset... or sunrise?
Sky is gorgeous and its colors . looks like a sunrise to me ;)

Alex on R.I.P.
Looks like a hand with 7 fingers :p

Tim on Low tide on sunrise
totally cool shot. i like the way the lines lead to background. wow!

flyingwind风飞扬 on R.I.P.
Something like the kinds of sea shells?! No hints in your introduction...A secret left for us to guess all ...

flyingwind风飞扬 on Low tide on sunrise
How did you capture this? In the mud barefoot? As I saw you focus length is only 48mm! If it was so, your love of it ...

k@ on R.I.P.
Looks like a glove too. Great find. Gasping one or already dead. The tracks in the wet sand give the road.

k@ on 老家~回忆篇(3)
A masterpiece ! The fact he tries to escape is a plus in this image. A very moving one***

k@ on The wooden path
Love your images a lot, mood is wonderful.

k@ on Low tide on sunrise
Oh that's a marvel !

Phil David Alexander Morris on R.I.P.
This is highly unusual. At first glance looks like a 7 fingered hand made of crystal, and I still think that. Great ...

Céline on Low tide on sunrise
Very nice shot !

B. Thomas on Low tide on sunrise
Nice series, Daiyen.

Jhon on The abandoned
Great image balance.. the main subject and the reflection blended so well.

Johan Dierckx on The abandoned
Exceptional image ! Very strong. A pitty i can only give 5*...

Ansie on The abandoned
The atmosphere you manage to create is wonderful!

Marie-Jezaria on The abandoned
Great composition with brilliant reflections works ! Bravo !

Céline on The wooden path
Beautiful shot !

MARIANA on An open heart
Yes, just lie an open heart ! Very lovely and unusual flower !

MARIANA on The abandoned
Ah, I love this . Puddles are something that occupy me a lot :)) This is glorious image .

flyingwind风飞扬 on The wooden path
Nice angle with an implusive force!

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